Pangaea: A Community Inspired By You

Hello and thanks for reading Pangaea!

My name is Carolina, and I am the creator of this blog. I just wanted to briefly explain what the Pangaea Community blog is all about and why it was created.

A Bit of History

I was born in Colombia, South America, but moved to the U.S. with my parents in the early 90s and didn’t get to experience much of my motherland’s culture. I spend my formative years in Charlotte, NC, where I enjoyed the slow pace of Southern life; however, I knew there was a whole wide world to be explored and I was determined to get out my bubble.

As soon as I was done with college I spent a year in China teaching English and caught a serious case of the travel bug! My thirst to learn about new cultures was insatiable, so when I was offered a job doing marketing in the travel industry, I jumped at the idea. I spent time working and exploring Italy, Turkey, Germany, and dozens of other fascinating countries. Each place had something incredible to offer, whether it was food, fashion, architecture or fine art.


As you may know, Pangaea was a supercontinent that existed a ridiculously long time ago. I really like the idea that we all came from one place, even though we have since geographically drifted apart.

IMG_0639Since becoming an Austin transplant in 2012, I’ve been impressed with the sense of community that everyone embodies not only in Austin, but throughout all of Texas. I feel lucky to own a small business (Vintage Theory) in a city comprised of creative individuals, entrepreneurs and fellow nomads. The Pangaea Community is aimed at capturing all artistic ventures, highlighting diverse people and their craft. When we come together to share ideas and support one another, we are stronger in the end, and that to me feels like Pangaea.