Musings From Free Week Austin 2016

Truly, one of my favorite parts about living in Austin has to be enjoying copious amounts of live music. Free Week is a unique celebration that includes 10 days of non-stop music from Austin’s best venues, featuring mostly local artists. If you missed it this year, no worries. You can catch these bands around Austin throughout the year, plus you can look forward to it Jan 1-10 of next year (Do512 has a very comprehensive lineup for planning purposes).

If I were to offer one piece of constructive criticism to those involved in the Austin music scene, it would be this: Please continue to diversify music showcases. We’ve nailed indy music, and that’s about it. I realize it’s a work in progress. As our city grows, so does the diversification of our culture, with music as a reflection of that progress. I’d like to listen to some decent bluegrass or hip-hop on any given day…that’s all.


To be fair, things have changed in the almost four years I’ve lived in Austin,  with increasingly different music genres participating in Free Week, Fun Fun Fun Fest and ACL. On a related note, I discovered an amazing fiddler and guitarist, Erik Hokkanen, that plays folk music at Radio every first Thursday. It’s worth checking out!

This year for Free Week, I went to a couple of well-established venues––The Parish, Stubb’s, The Mohawk, plus a few new locales––Sidewinder on Red River and Fair Market on the East Side. Decks in the Park and Utopiafest joined together this year to create a mini-fest called Free For Y’all at the Fair Market and it was a lot of fun.

Here’s a roundup from Free For Y’all from last Friday night, which was comprised of EDM and hip-hop artists. You know, something different.

  • Riders Against the Storm
  • Floods (Andriod Genius + Birdmagic)
  • Left/ Right
  • The Feels
  • Bird Peterson
  • Gamma & Moneta

Did you attend any Free Week shows? What are your thoughts on the music scene in Austin?