Kaleidoscope Houston 2016: Jet Set Affair

Fire. Hula hoopers. Vintage. Contemporary designers. You name it, it happened at Kaleidoscope Houston 2016. I traveled to Houston to participate in the Jet Set event representing Austin as a vendor and was not disappointed. It was a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, all of which were creative in some way. Their craft spanned the spectrum: music, art, design, fashion and film.

The night’s theme focused on global inspiration and cultural fusion, which was seamlessly woven into every aspect of the night. The event took place at a spectacular home that’s often used for corporate events called Northside Mansion.

I’d have to say the fashion shows were my favorite part of the evening. Steve Guthrie, Meru Meru by Umair Khan, Lombana by Jessica Lombana and Recio Designs by Tiffany Recio hit the stage to show off their spring collections.

In between the amazing shows, I showed off my collection of vintage dresses, skirts, hats, shoes and accessories at the Vintage Theory pop-up. I was accompanied by model Jenna Bracewell who showcased a 1970s cocktail dress.

Vintage Theory Owner and Model Jenna Bracewell

Kudos to Pamela Andino of Ubertina Productions for putting the entire shin ding together with grace!

Here’s a little background on Kaleidoscope, in their own words. Be on the lookout for this event next year both in Houston and other metro areas, as they plan on expanding.

KALEIDOSCOPE HOUSTON  is a 3-day Fashion, Art, Music and Film experience presented by a creative collective of partners.

Vintage Theory Owner and Model Jenna Bracewell

The inspiration for creating Kaleidoscope is simple; bring the creative collective that is Houston and surrounding cities, then connect their talents to produce a show that is themed, multi-faceted, and within the city of Houston which will in turn help to boast Houston’s creative economy.


This inspiration led to the creation of Kaleidoscope which highlights and enhances the visibility of Texas established and emerging talent in the Fashion, Art, Music and Film industries.